Parrot Toeti: A Congo African Grey Parrot

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Parrot Toeti: A Congo African Grey Parrot

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 10:11 pm

Born: January 4, 2014
Gender: probably a girl
Home since: April 21, 2014
Weight April 27, 2014: 480 gram
Weight April 27, 2016: 510 gram

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The journey to her new home

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 10:13 pm

First Posted on April 24, 2014

On Easter Monday it was finally time to pick up our African Grey Parrot. We had to drive for over three hours, but she (or he) is completely worth it. We already agreed that the name of the Parrot would be Toeti. This name means parrot in Farsi, the language spoken in the former Persia. She was born on January 4, 2014 and is a little over 15 weeks at the moment we take her home.

The trip went smoothly though it was clear that Toeti did have some stress and tension. We noticed that she was still pretty trembling. Very sad to see, but we could do nothing to help except talk to her in a reassuring tone. Furthermore, she was obviously more afraid of us. We had to set up the new cage once arrived home. As a result, she had to stay longer in her carrier box and she became more restless. She was clearly looking for a way out and was digging a ‘hole’ into the baskets. Fortunately she was able to get in her new loft and started discovering immediately.

We let her get used to her beautiful loft for a while and that seems to have succeeded. We can both cuddle her and she eats out of our hands. Now it’s our job to make Toeti feel at home and get her well educated. The first night let a small light in the living room turned on for her.
Toeti in the car.jpg
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Toeti in travel cage.jpg
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Day 1 at our home

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 10:21 pm

First Posted on April 24, 2014

Toeti is getting used to everything quite nicely. She is lovely in her cage, looking and feeling at every single thing she sees. She plays with her ​​toys, she lets us pet her and she eats out of our hands. One time she seems really to like to be petted and she even comes with her head forward, and a moment later it seems like she doesn’t want to be petted at all.

On the first day Toeti was with us at home, she had the need to leave the cage. At the time it was open, she took a flight out. She landed smoothly, but then tried to explore the living room. The poor thing tried to fly. We were not sure at first that clipping her wings was a good choice, but we are very happy that we have done it. The key consideration was that they are more manageable. She tried to fly and went through the whole living room, but of course she couldn’t go very high. This made it pretty hard for her and twice she flown into something. Fortunately, no damage is showing. I myself was quite uncomfortable but thankfully the man of the house was at home and he put her back in her cage.

Because we had read that a parrot needs pretty much sleep, and Toeti didn’t really sleep a lot because she wanted to keep an eye on everything, we have thrown a blanket over her cage around 20:00. At the bottom of the cage, there was, however, still a part of the cage uncovered. We heard Toeti go around the whole cage and eventually she was exactly on the one spot where the blanket wasn’t, looking outside. We have therefore removed the blanked again. She wants to be as high as possible so we felt sorry for her. But this already shows how clever this young parrot is!
Toeti in cage.jpg
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Toeti is getting used to her new home

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 10:22 pm

First Posted on April 24, 2014

Everything is going well with our Toeti. She still sleeps a lot, but also makes a clear sound when she wants attention. Sometimes we react to these sounds by petting her and giving her sunflower seeds. I do have sometimes ignored the sound because it does not seem right that she will learn that she gets attention when she makes noise! That is not our intention. It is super nice that she is already really babbling and makes bird sounds. We didn’t expect this so soon.

I’ve been trying to offer seeds in each spot of the cage and then she scrambles the entire cage to get the seed. However, it is notable that she is pretty picky. Sunflower seeds are absolute her favorite.

She is not a fan of raisins, onions and garlic. She ignores these foods or she drops them. In terms of fruit she likes apple, banana and grapes. What she leaves behind is kiwi. Her pallet she has not eaten yet, so we took the mix of seeds out of her cage. I weighed the dish with pallet food so I can check in the next days if she is eating it.

Today I have read a lot about the body language of the African Grey. That is also very useful to know. Toeti makes a sort of growling sound occasionally. Once she does this, I leave her alone. It’s not really growling, but it does not sound friendly and therefore we think that it is not meant positive.

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A play tree for Toeti!

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 10:24 pm

First Posted on April 25, 2014

Tonight we had a visit from my father who brought a beautiful tree for Toeti. I told him that we had bought a parrot and he went straight to work creating a beautiful play tree. We have put Toeti on it and it took some getting used to. The second time however, she felt so at ease that she was cleaning her feathers. Toeti now has a so beautiful toy tree to sit. With hiding places for food and a swing!

The people who came to visit were no problem for Toeti. They were able to pet her and she stepped up without hesitation. Not on the hand yet, but on a brick. For now, she doesn’t pull to one person. We hope it stays that way!

Furthermore, we started learning the step up on a stick. That is actually going pretty good. But only when we use sunflower seeds as a treat. We’re going to practice in the next few days so that she can step up anytime, also without the use of sunflower seeds. A lot of the times she just steps up and doesn’t really go further exploring. But sometimes she tries to climb in your arm. I’m still kind of afraid that she will bite my ear or something so I try to prevent her climbing on my body.

Out of the cage, Toeti is trying to fly. But this of course does not work because we have cut the wings. This therefore results only in a lot of noise and an extra layer of dust. All in all we really notice that she is increasingly at ease and feels that she will discover more and more.

Unfortunately, the pallet food remains a problem. But I must also admit that we probably give her too many sunflower seeds during the day because we are so busy with her. From now on, we will only give the sunflower when she really deserves a reward! Hopefully she will be eating her food pallet quickly!
Play tree.jpg
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How we learned our parrot to eat pellets!

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 10:28 pm

First Posted on April 27, 2014

The last few days Toeti is getting used to her new home. She walks through the living room and is exploring everything. She listens to short commands like ‘come’ and ‘no’. Especially that ‘no’ is very convenient. For example, when she intends to bite into the table leg (or in our our toes), we say ‘no’ in a low voice, and so far she listens. We apply the method of ignoring consistently. So once she does something what is not allowed, we ignore her for a few minutes. On the Internet, some say she is still too young for it, but it works, and she does understand in our opinion.

For three days we let Toeti take a shower every morning. For now that’s a plant sprayer, later we’ll take her with us in the shower. We have heard that parrots usually really like this. But we think that it is a little early to start with that already. Both for her, and for us.

Furthermore, she is very happy when we come to the living room in the morning. As soon as she hears the footsteps on the stairs, she begins to whistle. Hopefully Toeti will be one of the parrots who will start talking early!

How we got her to eat pellets!
Earlier I wrote that Toeti had not eaten of her pellet food. We waited for five days but then decided to try something else. Because she looked very annoyed, irritated and hungry. We sat down with the pellets and sunflower seeds. Just on the kitchen floor. We fed her pellets and in the beginning she dropped them again. We kept giving and giving and then she started to bite the pellets before she dropped them on the floor. Once she had actually eaten a piece of pellet food we rewarded her with a sunflower seed. After a few times she understood it. She ate some pellet and then walked to our hand to get a sunflower seed.

She tried to only break the pellet food and then dropped it. Or she would just go around her feed bucket with her beak. Then she came to our hand for a sunflower seed. She just tried to fool us. But we always said that she still had to eat something first, and then she went (under protest) back to actually get some food. We spent over two hours with her ​​before she understood well. After it, she ate the pellet, usually took about three bites, and then she came to us to get her sunflower seed. We had to be careful that she actually ate because otherwise she was really just pretending in the beginning!

The next day
The next day we saw a lot of pallets lying on the floor of her cage so apparently she ate. We gave her a nice shower and she walked around for some time. When we put her back in her cage she started to eat the pellets, without asking a reward, for a long time. Occasionally she runs to go to the bowl with water, and then she goes on with eating pellets. Surely for over 1.5 hours.

We think that she just never ate it before. And she is not keen on trying new things to eat. For example with a piece of fruit. Earlier we tried to give her a piece of mango. We gave the mango on our hand and Toeti just walked to the other end of the rope in the cage (which she does when she does not want to eat or do not want to be petted). She picked up a piece of mango and threw it away. Then we just put it in her mouth so she had to taste it, and she found it very tasty! She walked around the cage to be able to eat the mango. And now she also eat the pellet without a problem!
Toeti eats pellets.jpg
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Toeti eats.jpg
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A couple of habits of our parrot!

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 10:54 pm

First Posted on May 5, 2014

Toeti is exactly two weeks with us today. She really has her own stubborn character structure and prefers doing only things the way she wants and when she wants them. But because we hear and read everywhere that it is very important to be consistent, we therefore just do what we want, even when she gets annoyed. Luckily, after a few times, she accepts that what we want, actually is happening. In this article I will describe some of the habits of our parrot.

Toeti hates the ground
Once we let her free on the ground, she will do everything possible to get to higher ground. In addition, she clings to our feet firmly on her feet and then she uses her wings to come up. We find this, of course, not so great, so we put her always back on the ground.

Once she sits in a place which is higher she is just happy to sit and be petted.

Toeti loves sunflower seeds
Once she sees a sunflower seed, this is the only thing she sees. She gets fully focused on the sunflower seed and is therefore doing everything for it.

Stepping up she does not yet on command, she just follows the sunflower seed. So we have to take some practice with it. Of course she understands that she must step up if she sees a stick or our hand and she does that without a problem (except when she thinks she’s going to the shower).

New food
We give a small bite of everything we eat in terms of fruit and vegetables to Toeti so she can taste it. And this ritual goes almost always the same way. She then sits comfortably in her cage, then we offer something like a piece of mango on our hand. Then she looks at it and she runs as far away from the piece of mango as she can. Then we put the mango in her food bowl. After a few minutes she will start eating it. The next time she recognises the food and she just eats out of our hand.

She did not want to taste something for a number of times, but once we persisted she would try it after a while and then she found it and found ity usually very tasty.

Sleeping cage
We have a smaller cage for our parrot in a quiet room. She can now sleep peacefully without being continuously disturbed by us. She falls asleep quite early on the evening and we saw that she was very often woken by us, or the television. Therefore, a sleeping cage is ideal. We bring her to this cage after sunset and then we take her to her big case in the living room in the morning. She is already used to it and we think it’s a good thing.

Usually at bedtime she went climbing through her whole cage. As if she was looking to see if the area was safe for the night. She quit doing this after a few days, probably because she knows she will go to another cage.

She is not a fan of showering
It’s not so much the shower itself that is a problem, because she is very quiet and we can both just lift her wings to wash everything well. It would, however, be much more fun if she would find it nice and just hit her wings open herself! Maybe she will find it nice in the future. But once we have the idea to shower her she seems to feel that, and then she just refuses to step up. So she will just try to get away. Off course, this is not working out because we shower her every day.

She is a fan of petting
Our parrot loves to be petted on her head. If we are on the ground with her ​​playing, she just suddenly comes to our hand and put her beak against the ground with her head down. Asking to be petted. Probably because she can’t reach her own head.

She makes a lot of noise
She does not talk yet, but she does make bird sounds. Sometimes in order to attract attention. But also if she knows that food will come. Or when we just left the living room and she is alone.

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Toeti started babbling!

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 11:01 pm

First Posted on June 8, 2014

Toeti is now 5 months old and she already started babbling. We were even able to distinguish a small ‘ello’. Very early, of course, so it is possible that we just wanna hear it instead of really hearing in! But she definitely makes more noise and we think that she will become a good talker! Once they started, I of course immediately tried filming it. But once the parrot sees the camera, she doesn’t make noises nothing more. I’m trying to make a movie out of it. Usually she starts babbling when I am cooking or washing my hands. Below a little update on how things are going with Toeti!

In general it goes really well with Toeti. She eats well, plays with her toys and also with us and happily walks through the house. She has a swing hanging in her cage of which she was very scared at first, but now it is difficult to get her of her swing.

It is really nice that she learned not to do her needs when she is cuddling with someone. Once in a while we just put her down and then she poops on the floor, and then she comes back on my lap! No idea how she has learned this, but we find it very very nice! Maybe because every time she pooped, the first thing we did was putting her on the ground.

Our parrot is a real coward. She is really afraid of everything! A package of muesli or a pack of coffee beans makes her really scared. She will start shaking and shouting every time she sees something new. This also applies to an ordinary piece of paper. There she gasps it immediately. But she is also scared of food she has never tasted before.

For example, a stick with sunflower seeds and other nuts. Just a snack for a parrot. When I gave it to her she literally fell down to the bottom of her cage. I hung it in her cage and she did not dare to come close to it. Fortunately, she quickly get used to everything and she is then no longer afraid of things. I just do not believe she loves new things.

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Toeti in our garden!

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 11:09 pm

First Posted on June 12, 2014

We have a nice garden at our house and in it there was a tree which was already deceased for a while. We have this tree removed from our garden and cut into pieces to make a nice place to sit outside for our parrot. This is ideal if she has just showered and the weather is nice. Then she can sit to dry in the sunlight! Here is a nice picture of Toeti in the garden after showering!
Toeti in garden.jpg
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On vacation, without our parrot

Post by Parrot Lover » Mon May 09, 2016 11:14 pm

First Posted on September 12, 2014

Our African Grey is less than three months with us as we go on vacation. I find it quite difficult to leave her behind. She’s just used to her new home and to us and we are afraid that going on vacation will mean that she will fall into her anxious (and biting) behavior again. She is however, already familiar to other people. When people visit in our home, she goes without effort on everyone’s lap and can also be pet by everyone.

Fortunately, the neighbors are so nice to take our parrot into their home. All we needed to do was roll her cage into their home the night before we left on vacation. We got her some extra food and toys and gave the neighbours a piece of paper with the most important things about Toeti. For example how much she eats and that she absolutely can not eat avocado, chocolate or peanuts.

Back home
After twelve days of holiday we came back home and the first thing we did is pick Toeti up at the neighbors. she was just sitting there, very happy on her cage and she was obviously happy to see us. We definitely had the feeling that she recognized us and was happy to see us. The neighbors seem to have enjoyed looking after her and she has learned some new sounds. Now, we have not seen her for a moment, we notice a clear improvement in the amount of noises she makes. She now makes all day short whistle sounds and her baby talk is also increasing. Now when you enter the room or go away, she babbles something. She will keep continue to talk untill we are back in the room. Unfortinately, when we are in the room she is often quiet. But we are hopeful that they will talk very quickly!

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