Signs that your parrot trusts you!

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Signs that your parrot trusts you!

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First Posted on June 12, 2014

It takes time before your parrot will trust you. With our parrot, I can definitely see some things which clearly shows that she trusts us.

1. An important message for me was that she fell asleep on my lap. And certainly when she stuck her head back into her feathers! For me, a sign that she really went to sleep deeply and completely trusts me:
Toeti sleaping.jpg
Toeti sleaping.jpg (18.82 KiB) Viewed 9640 times
2. Another thing which makes clear that she trusts us is that we can put her on her back and touch her everywhere we want. She obviously doesn’t like it very much, but she remains calm.

3. Often she runs after me when she can walk through the house. When I walk into the kitchen, she follows me, and when I walk into the living room she comes after me. She also makes a run when I hold my hand on the ground. And then she steps on it off course.

4. She eats out of our hands.

5. Our hands can do everything in her cage. Both as she sits in the cage, and if she is not in it. We can touch her food and her toys without a problem.

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