How do parrots sleep?

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How do parrots sleep?

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First Posted on May 9, 2014

Parrots are naturally very light sleepers. They need much more sleep as people, on average, ten to twelve hours a night. But what is the ideal setting for a parrot to sleep? Should a parrot sleep in a separate bed cage?

How many hours of sleep does need a parrot
A parrot needs ten to twelve hours of sleep every 24 hours. A lack of sleep can lead to different behavior problems like aggression. The bird is simply too tired learn and play. Just imagine how you feel when you are tired. The bird can make this clear by biting and not playing. In case of a bird with behavioral problems, it is always important to know that this is not due to a lack of sleep.

A young parrot sleeps, just like a human baby, more than an older bird.

How does a parrot sleep?
A parrot who sleeps pulls a foot on towards the belly. If the parrot does not, this may indicate a disease. The parrot sleeps on a piece of wood or on a rope. It is important that the foots surround three quarters of this. Too thin or too thick is not good for the parrot.

Just before bedtime, you can often hear the parrot making a grinding noise. This is actually just a positive sign. The parrot feels at ease and is getting ready for the night.

Like people, parrots usually don’t go to the toilet as much in the night. So it can be very good so that sleep cage stays nice and clean and have to be cleaned less often.

Separate sleeping cage?
Parrots in nature find a place to sleep at night. They sleep in a different place than where they spend their time during the day. So it is definitely not a bad idea to give a dark and quiet room where the parrot will not be disturbed. The bird can then be put to sleep cage for example around 21:00. The next morning you can take the bird out. A sleeping cage does not have to be large. A simple cage with a perch is sufficient. Also a cheaper dog bench or a transport cage can serve as a place to sleep.

There are of course plenty of parrots that do not suffer from noise and movement in the room. Many people throw a cloth over the cage and but for many parrots this is not enough. Generally speaking, however, a parrot sleeps better in a separate quiet room.

Ideal environment
The ideal sleeping environment for a parrot is dark and quiet. Parrots are light sleepers, and they need much sleep. Disturb the parrot as little as possible. A separate sleeping cage is ideal. In addition, a parrot needs ten to twelve hours of sleep every 24 hours.

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