How do you punish a parrot?

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How do you punish a parrot?

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First Posted on April 29, 2014

A parrot is an intelligent bird. It is often said that parrots are just as intelligent as a toddler. Of course, that also means that a parrot should be brought up. It is very important how the parrot is punished. Wrong punishment can lead to behavioral problems. But the way you teach your parrot things is important. Because when you teach your parrot good behavior you can prevent punishing most of the time. But sometimes however, a parrot just needs to be punished.

Consistency is very important for a parrot. When your parrot behaves in a certain way, your reaction should be adjusted. How you should punish the parrot depends on the nature of the parrot. But in general, the best way to punish a bird, is by ignoring it.

It is important that the parrot learns that there is no escape. Take for example the bathing. It is good for the parrot to shower at least once a day. But when the parrot doesn’t like this, he could start biting. Actually, you should keep showering the bird until it gives up biting and just agrees to be washed. Only then, the shower can be turned off and the bird will be rewarded with sweet words or sunflower seeds. It is important to learn the parrot that what the boss wants will actually happen. Whether the parrot resists or not.

The same applies on for example petting. You need to be able to pet your parrot whenever you want. So even if it does not feel like being pet, the bird should not bite. In the beginning it may be that the parrot will try to bite. It is a matter of saying no with an angry voice and then ignoring the bird for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you can try to pet the bird again. When the parrot again tries to bite, you say no again very loud and ignore the bird again for a couple of minutes. Eventually the bird will not bite, but accept to be petted.

For a parrot there is no difference between positive attention and negative attention. That means that when the parrot does something wrong, saying no loudly can help (but usually only if it concerns a young parrot ). In later life the bird is probably not very impressed by a loud voice. So it is important to begin teaching good behavior young.

When a parrot bites it does not help if you scream. For a parrot, screaming is attention. Once you realize that the parrot is not scared of a hard no, it is important that you go to a different strategy. It is important that you are going to ignore the bird. Once the bird is doing something wrong, the best you can do is say no loudly and then ignore the bird for a few minutes.

Special cage
What can also help is having a punishment cage. When the parrot is doing something it should not, it can be put in this cage where it does not get attention. It is best to put this cage in a quiet room. For example a toilet. After a few minutes the parrot may leave the penalty cage. Being consistent is of great importance!

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Re: How do you punish a parrot?

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It is really pitiful. Never punish and animal or bird.

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