90% of American voters lack confidence in country's political system

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90% of American voters lack confidence in country's political system

Post by Bianca » Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:08 pm

A new national poll has revealed that 90 percent of American voters lack confidence in the country's political system while 40 percent went so far as to say that the two-party structure was “seriously broken.”
Myles Hoenig, a political commentator in Baltimore wrote:The widespread frustration among American voters shows that the country’s electoral system is in dire need of change.

The frustration with this system can certainly bring about a radical change in our electoral system. This could be the end of super delegates and maybe even the idea of primaries, which are designed by the parties to promote and protect their established candidates.

The frustration with the Democrats and Republicans is nothing new and has been piling up over the years.

On the Democratic side the realization is hitting most people that the choices provided are that; provided; selected; chosen,

The American people may see their Obama or Clinton or Kerry as their choice in the past, but it isn’t and never was.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is putting up a fierce battle against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was an “anomaly” in the system.

He was seen as a protest candidate, but what happened was beyond the establishment’s understanding and belief.

Today, even though his momentum is rising and Clinton’s is falling, there is still the disbelief that someone with his moderate views has taken hold of such a large number of people.

Sanders deserves credit for reviving what critics have been saying for decades: “Those with the money, either individuals or corporations, control nearly every aspect of political life in America.

Clinton was the representative of “corruption” and “collusion” that could happen between politicians and corporations.

On the Republican side the presumptive nominee was more or less like Sanders in that they both are trying to woo their parties’ adherents that the system is corrupt.

What is very different about Trump is that he channels the frustration with the corrupt system through hate, homophobia, misogyny, racism, and xenophobia.

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