80% of Brits would rather live in Russia than UK

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80% of Brits would rather live in Russia than UK

Post by Vakantieboeker » Sun May 15, 2016 5:46 pm

78 percent of more than 22,000 British citizens polled by the UK tabloid, The Express, told the paper that they would readily go to Russia in exchange for free land there.

This followed reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin was offering 2.5 acres of land for free to people willing to move to the country’s Far East in a bid to boost the area’s economy.

The land offer is open to Russians and foreigners who seek to build homes or start business in agriculture or tourism in Russia’s Far East.
One British citizen wrote:There's also definitely disillusionment with the UK, with British life. We're all subservient, we won't know what's going on.
Another citizen of UK wrote:It would be a lot better than living under Cameron's and Corbyn’s EU law.
The Express wrote:Fewer than 35 percent of people support Cameron as the British prime minister, Russia’s Putin commands an 82-percent approval rating in his country - the highest it has ever been.

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Re: 80% of Brits would rather live in Russia than UK

Post by Jamal » Sun May 15, 2016 5:57 pm

Im fed up with the class system that operated very openly 30yrs ago! Tried getting into vehicle technical colleges as far as luton! On the tory youth oppertunity scheme YOPS, then TOPS adult oppertunity scheme, you get a job placement for "work experiecne" working for your unemployment benifit allowance! The colleges wont even allow you on the city and guilds courses unless you had afull time job, i did manage to get guilds certificates, 3years evening classes, but from 18 - 22 my jobless allowance went from £ 30 - £44 a week!!

4years in limbo land under the TORIES! In control of the country on, if im not mistaken 23% of the total vote! and now provoking aggression against any country that wont submit to their criminal financial system, or try to work around it! IMF, WORLD BANK, WTO, UNITED NATIONS!

Id love to sell up move to Russia! Ive always felt like a second class citizen! Russia produces facts in its news broadcasts, you see reporters being shot at! Mortar bombed, shot at with rocket launchers provided by NATO WAR. MONGERS, While russian goverment trys to build relationships with trade and investmet, coperation! The EU is the old soviet union or WESTERN BLOC CONTROLLED BY US CORPORATIONS, that have dumbed down their own population to believe any nonsense that comes out of the US state department which is usually taken apart with facts on RUSSIA TODAY OR PRESS TV.

Lavrov is a brilliant minister Hammond seems to say everything that gets spewed out nato us state department! What a twat, they tories and labour do not represent majority of the british workers that never get the same kind of support they give the CITY OF LONDON THAT LEECH OF WORKERS HARD EARNED MONEY THAT DOES NOT, IN MOST CASES COVER RENT OR MORGAGE! America stages undemocratic couse all over latin america! Africa! Hawaii! West indies! Anywere they want another base, access to resourses, they feel they have the right to take. Long live mother RUSSIA!! Hoorah!! Glory to the RED ARMY!! Slaughter any invaders!

Daniel A. Rey M.
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Re: 80% of Brits would rather live in Russia than UK

Post by Daniel A. Rey M. » Mon May 16, 2016 11:45 am

The collapse of the Soviet Union is responsible for the state we're in nearly everywhere. It led to the Era of Social Darwinism even in China, where the sweatshops are so awful that employees jump out of the windows and down the stairways and now nets have been placed so that they won't smash against the ground. Europe is on the Illfare State Plan nowadays. Half a million Poles have gone to the UK and Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK, not any Celtic language, but I guess it's because there they need a lot of decent plumbers since British plumbers are worthless. General impoverishment is the Final Solution for what those who own and control everything think is a plague of human lemmings whom they call "useless eaters". Meanwhile the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, who is supposed to watch Wall Street insider trading, is part of an insider trading racket itself that involves huge amounts of easy money, as denounced by ex-SEC lawyer Gary Aguirre in an interview broadcast by Radio Netherlands Worldwide that I recently transcribed and uploaded at http://transcripcionesreveladoras.blogs ... hange.html.

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