Tusk: UK's renegotiation draft deal is fragile

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Tusk: UK's renegotiation draft deal is fragile

Post by Vakantieboeker » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:49 pm

Donald Tusk has warned that the negotiations over the UK's demands were at a critical moment.
Donald Tusk wrote:The risk of break-up is real.
Eastern bloc states including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Czech Republic have dismissed current proposals on curbing child benefits for their migrant workers in western Europe.
Merkel wrote:Cameron's demands are far from being demands that are just for Britain... They are also European demands and many of them are justified and necessary.
David Cameron’s four main demands:

1. Protect the single market for Britain and for others outside the eurozone.

2. Write competitiveness into the DNA of the whole European Union.

3. Exclude Britain from the idea of ever closer union and to strengthen the role of national parliaments in European lawmaking.

4. Restricting access to welfare payments for migrant workers.

March 17 is still seen as the most likely date of a UK referendum if Cameron gets a deal in February or March. Cameron has until the end of 2017 to hold the referendum.

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Deal between EU and the UK will cause a serious split within the Tory cabinet

Post by Jamal » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:59 pm

If there is a deal between EU and the UK, this will cause a serious split within the Tory cabinet.
Marcus Papadopoulos, a London-based political analyst wrote:That will eradicate one of the fundamental pillars of the European Union... So David Cameron will have to say to the public, to parliament, to his own party, this is the agreement I’ve got, the best possible agreement, to the European Union... I think there will be a very serious split within the Conservative cabinet

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